Indictments Detail Larry Nassar’s Abuse of Gymnasts over 20-Year Period at Karolyi Ranch





Indictments Detail Larry Nassar’s Abuse of Gymnasts
over 20-Year Period at Karolyi Ranch

By David Barron,

Houston Chronicle

Updated 10:36 pm CDT,

Tuesday, July 3, 2018




The six indictments of disgraced doctor Larry Nassar returned last week by a Walker County grand jury accuse him of assaulting gymnasts over a period of almost 20 years at the Karolyi Ranch, according to court records provided Tuesday.


The indictments alleging sexual assault of a child were issued Friday by a grand jury in Huntsville, a few miles north of the Sam Houston National Forest ranch owned by longtime coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi, as the latest development in the USA Gymnastics sexual abuse scandal.


Larry Nassar

Former Elite Gymnast Kamerin Moore Learns To Take Back Her Accomplishments From An Abusive Coach

Dvora Meyers




Kamerin Moore, former elite gymnast and Larry Nassar survivor, posted a video to Youtube this week discussing her struggles with body image after a lifetime spent as a gymnast. Ive had poor body image, I mean, as long as I can remember, she says close to the start. Like since I hit puberty.

Its not the first video that Moore has posted. She first came forward as a victim of Nassars abuse last year in another Youtube video, and also talked about her abuse during her victim impact statement during Nassars sentencing in Michigans Ingham County in January. (Moores younger brother, Jacob, is so far the only male Nassar victim to come forward.)


Moore says that she hit puberty at 14, when she underwent shoulder surgery for an injury. That was the first time in her life that she was out of the gym for an extended period of time, which enabled her body to start developing as it naturally would have had the process not been delayed by her arduous training. I wasnt big by any means, she explains. I just got bigger.


That, for some reason, wasnt acceptable according to my coach, Moore continued. Moore doesnt name her coach in video, but throughout her gymnastics career she was coached by John Geddert, who owned Twistars USA in Michigan. He was close with Nassar and the former doctor used to treat gymnasts in the backroom of the gym on a regular basis. Many Geddert gymnastsincluding world and Olympic champion Jordyn Wieberwere sexually abused by Nassar. Many former Twistars gymnasts have accused Geddert of being emotionally abusive towards them during their competitive gymnastics careers.


Moore talks about how Geddert routinely weighed and measured her, disparaging her if she weighed too much and praising her if she lost weight, which she managed to do only through unhealthy means. Moores story, in this respect, sounds like the stories of many other gymnasts who were shamed and pressured by coaches to lose weight. Its a story that has been told at least since Joan Ryans 1995 book Little Girls in Pretty Boxes.



Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics cover story: ‘Can we just say i am sick?’

Tim Evans and Marisa Kwiatkowski,

IndyStar Published 1:01 a.m. ET May 24, 2018

Updated 1:46 p.m. ET May 24, 2018


USA Gymnastics officials agreed to provide what Larry Nassar’s attorney called “false excuses” for his absence from major gymnastics events in 2015, rather than disclose to parents and gymnasts that Nassar was under investigation for child sexual abuse.

Emails obtained by IndyStar reveal that on two separate occasions, Nassar and a USA Gymnastics attorney negotiated cover stories first that Nassar was sick and later that he was focusing on his private practice to explain why the longtime team physician was not attending two major events in the run-up to the 2016 Olympics.

In one of the emails, Indianapolis attorney Scott D. Himsel told Nassar his medical techniques were under investigation, and “it is in everyone’s best interest” that Nassar not attend a gymnastics event that weekend.

Himsel said USA Gymnastics would tell people Nassar was not attending for “personal reasons.”

Nassar replied: “Can we just say that i am sick? That would make more sense to everyone. Would that be ok?”

Himsel agreed to have USA Gymnastics use that story.

Out of Balance: An IndyStar investigation into USA Gymnastics

In later emails part of more than 900 pages of documents reviewed by IndyStar Nassar assured Himsel: “I stayed with the story of that I am nauseated, not feeling well and staying home.”



The complete articles may be read at the URLs provided for each.



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Indictments Detail Larry Nassar’s Abuse of Gymnasts over 20-Year Period at Karolyi Ranch

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