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Content Sample

Stereotyping in films in general and of the Hispanic in particular

CR Berg – Howard Journal of Communications, 1990 – Taylor & Francis
The analysis explores the nature of stereotypes, in general, and of stereotypes of Hispanic
characters in film, in particular. Psychological and psychoanalytic analyses of such
stereotypes show that they reinforce mainstream beliefs about Spanish‐speaking persons.

Accountant stereotypes in movies distributed in North America
in the twentieth century

T Dimnik, S Felton – Accounting, Organizations and Society, 2006 – Elsevier
We examine the accountant’s image in popular cinema, an influential medium that reflects
and shapes social attitudes. After coding 168 characters on 41 characteristics, we use factor
analysis to reduce these data to six factors and cluster analysis to identify five stereotypes:

[CITATION] Latin looks: Images of Latinas and Latinos in the US media

CE Rodriguez – 1997 – Westview Press

The beancounter stereotype: towards a general model
of stereotype generation

AL Friedman, SR Lyne – Critical perspectives on accounting, 2001 – Elsevier
 283–311. 15. DT Decoster, JG Rhode. The Accountant’s Stereotype: Real or Imagined, Deserved
or Unwarranted. Accounting Review, 46, No. 4 (1971), pp. 651–669. 16.  24. DL Hamilton, TK
Trolier. Stereotypes and Stereotyping: An Overview of the Cognitive Approach. 

[CITATION] From sambo to superspade: The black experience
in motion pictures

DJ Leab – 1975 – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)

[CITATION] The librarian stereotype and the movies

S Walker, VL Lawson – The journal of academic media librarianship, 1993

Popular culture and professional identity: accountants in the movies

V Beard – Accounting, Organizations and Society, 1994 – Elsevier
 309 audience can expect of that character – a much more subtle kind of stereotyping than is  Screen
writers recognize that audiences are not comfortable when these career stereotypes are seriously 
In other words, by the late 1980s the traditional stereotype has finally ceased to 

Cinethetic racism: White redemption and black stereotypes
in” magical Negro” films

MW Hughey – Social Problems, 2009 – socpro.oxfordjournals.org
Abstract Recent research on African American media representations describes a trend of
progressive, antiracist film production. Specifically,” magical negro” films (cinema 
highlighting lower-class, uneducated, and magical black characters who transform

Television portrayals and African-American stereotypes:
Examination of television effects when direct contact is lacking

Y Fujioka – Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 1999 – jmq.sagepub.com
 viewing to stereotyping) and social cognitive route (television viewing to valenced evaluations
of televi- sion messages to stereotyping).  TABLE2 Mean Scoresfor Stereotype Items: Ratings
of African Americans by White and Japanese Students Whites (n = 166  Stereotypes 

Stereotypes as a measure of success

S Sue, HHL Kitano – Journal of Social Issues, 1973 – Wiley Online Library
 These persistent stereotypes have led some re- searchers to ask whether there are kernels of
truth to stereotypes and whether stereotyping is necessarily bad (Brigham, 197 1).  Psychology,
1963, 59, 29-40. stereotype research.  STEREOTYPES AS A MEASURE OF SUCCESS 

Stereotyping Asian Americans: The dialectic of the model minority
and the yellow peril

Y Kawai – The Howard Journal of Communications, 2005 – Taylor & Francis
 interchangeably, this only indicates the inseparability of Asians and Asian Americans in racial
stereotyping minority and the yellow peril stereotypes through tracing the two stereotypes
historically; the  by Japan during World War II inflated the yellow peril stereotype and led to 

[BOOK] Film and stereotype: A challenge for cinema and theory

J Schweinitz – 2011 – books.google.com
Since the early days of film, critics and theorists have debated the value of formula, cliché,
conventional imagery, and recurring narrative patterns of reduced complexity. The high
noon showdown or last-minute rescue, the lonely woman standing in the window or two

Using films to learn about the nature of cross-cultural stereotypes
in intercultural business communication courses

PW Cardon – Business Communication Quarterly, 2010 – journals.sagepub.com
INSTRUCTORS OF INTERCULTURAL business communication courses inevitably face the
challenge of providing cross-cultural experiences in the classroom, and students are eager
to have real exposure to other cultures. One way of simulating the feel of entering another

[CITATION] Gender stereotypes: An analysis of popular films and TV

S Smith, CA Cook – Conference, 2008

[CITATION] Declining the stereotype: Ethnicity and representation
in French cultures

M Rosello – 1998 – Dartmouth College

[CITATION] Screening stereotypes: Images of disabled people
in television and motion pictures

PK Longmore – Images of the disabled, disabling images, 1987 – Praeger New York

Naturalizing racial differences through comedy: Asian, Black, and White
views on racial stereotypes in Rush Hour 2

JH Park, NG Gabbadon… – Journal of …, 2006 – Wiley Online Library
 From a media industry perspective, stereotyping results from the need to quickly convey 
Stereotypes are important in comedy because not only do they help to establish instantly
recognizable character types but such character traits and stereotype-based jokes also 

[CITATION] Stereotypes of the accounting professional as reflected
in popular movies, accounting students and society

PE Holt – New accountant, 1994

Homicidal Maniacs and Narcissisfic Parasites: Stigmatization of Mentally Ill Persons in the Movies

SE Hyler, GO Gabbard, I Schneider – Psychiatric Services, 1991 – Am Psychiatric Assoc
 Here we focus on the image ofpatients and examine the influence ofthe cinema in shap- ing the
public’s view of  Common stereotypes Rebellious free spirit.  Other mentally disordered char- acters
who embody the stereotype of the homicidal maniac are Jason in the Friday the 

Latino representation on primetime television

DE Mastro, E Behm-Morawitz – Journalism & Mass …, 2005 – jmq.sagepub.com
 both frameworks focus specific attention on the process- es of stereotype formation and  and the
inferences viewers make based on exposure, such as racial /ethnic stereotyping to reflect the
features/traits associated with the most prominent television stereotypes of Latinos. 

[CITATION] Black demons: The media’s depiction of the African American male criminal stereotype

D Rome – 2004 – Penn State Press

[BOOK] Latino images in film: Stereotypes, subversion, and resistance

CR Berg – 2002 – books.google.com
 mise-en-scène), all contribute to the totality of the image we call a stereotype. Furthermore, we
need to explore the narrative function that stereotypes play within classical Hollywood  This general
trajectory—from stereotyping in general to stereotyping in film to the significance of 

Joking apart: The serious side to the accountant stereotype

PD Bougen – Accounting, Organizations and Society, 1994 – Elsevier
 reluctant to endorse this increased visibility of accountants in films, writing to  Their mutually
reinforcing dependency created an accountant stereotype which whilst ridiculed, constituted 
between these images and representations, thereby creating different types of stereotypes

The Boffin: a stereotype of scientists in post-war British films (1945-1970)

RA Jones – Public Understanding of Science, 1997 – pus.sagepub.com
Abstract The period between 1945 and 1970 was critical for the public reputation of British
science. It was also a golden age for British cinema. Feature films of this period are used in
this paper as a tool for investigating the public image of the scientist. Three main stereotypes 

Do Animated Disney Characters Portray and Promote the Beauty–Goodness Stereotype?

D Bazzini, L Curtin, S Joslin, S Regan… – Journal of Applied …, 2010 – Wiley Online Library
 and preferences are learned over time through gradual exposure to current stereotypes associated
with  investigation of whether exposure to stereotypical representations of the PA stereotype would
influence  a high degree of beauty stereotyping or a low degree of stereotyping

The presentation of gendered conflict in popular movies:
Affective stereotypes, cultural sentiments, and men’s motivation

M Hedley – Sex Roles, 1994 – Springer
This research systematically addresses the potential influence of patriarchal culture in
motivating men’s imposition against women in social conflict. Social conflict in
conceptualized here at the level of the dyad, as two actors express differing desires

[CITATION] The Hollywood Indian: Stereotypes of Native Americans in Films

JE O’Connor – 1980 – New Jersey State Museum

[CITATION] Black films and film-makers: a comprehensive anthology

from stereotype to superhero

L Patterson – 1975 – Dodd Mead

Film reviews and the public’s perceptions of stereotypes

Movie critics’ discourse about The Siege

A Hall – Communication Quarterly, 2001 – Taylor & Francis
This paper investigates the public discourse surrounding the representation of cultural and
ethnic groups in US entertainment media by examining movie reviews of a specific film. It
examines the types of arguments and support that popular film critics used in their

[CITATION] The myth of the southern box office: A factor in racial stereotyping 

in American movies, 1920-1940

T Cripps – The Black Experience in America: …, 1970 – University of Texas Press Austin

Exploring the paradox of the enjoyment of sad films

MB Oliver – Human Communication Research, 1993 – Wiley Online Library
 How- ever, research concerning gender stereotyping of emotions suggests that the gender of
the  Given that stereotypes of emotions appear to develop early and that “inappropriate” emotional
displays  asking a separate class of approximately 90 students to list movies they had 

The Black Man on Film: Racial Stereotyping. Hayden Film Attitudes and Issues Series.

RA Maynard – 1974 – ERIC
 Series is based on the teacher’s source book, the Celluloid Curriculum: How to Use Movies in
the  Teaching strategies include readings, viewing of films, and classroom discussions.  consists
of the following four unit books: The Black Man on Film: Racial Stereotyping; Africa on 

[HTML] Arab stereotypes and American educators

M Wingfield, B Karaman – Social studies and the Young Learner, 1995 – adc.org
 and “other.” Arab Americans see this film as perpetuating the tired stereotype of the  for images
of my Arab self in American culture I found only unrecognizable stereotypes on Arab American
Students and Some Classroom Solutions What effect does this stereotyping have on 

Media literacy art education: Deconstructing lesbian and gay stereotypes in the media

SK Chung – International journal of art & design education, 2007 – Wiley Online Library
 The use of media images as a pedagogical tool to deconstruct lesbian and gay stereotypes
encourages students not only to understand what a stereotype is, but also to further investigate
how gay stereotyping truly reflects and affects lesbian and gay people in 

Race and the dominant gaze: Narratives of law and inequality in popular film

MM Russell – Legal Stud. F., 1991 – HeinOnline
. of exploitation of Blacks in American films, for it is from this ideological cinema-scape that  to the
use” of demeaning images.19 Similarly, the unchallenged transmission of racial stereotypes
in films  With these concerns in mind, I must concede that I approach movies not only with 

Ethnic notions

M Riggs, E Rolle – 2012 – ecommons.cornell.edu
 American stereotypes found in popular culture, from the Antebellum period to the era of the civil
rights movement. Loyal Uncle Toms, carefree Sambos, faithful Mammies, grinning fools, savage
brutes, and wide-eyed “pickaninnies” roll across the screen in cartoons, feature films

[CITATION] Arab and Muslim stereotyping in American popular culture

JG Shaheen – 1997 – Georgetown Univ Ctr for Muslim

[BOOK] Psychiatry and the Cinema

GO Gabbard, K Gabbard – 1999 – books.google.com
 XX|| PSYCHIATRY AND THE CINEMA, SECOND EDITION ably more than four hundred films
across  For reasons that are not difficult to understand, the motion picture industry has shown  We
have found that the predominance of certain stereotypes changes, often dramati- cally 

[CITATION] The jezebel stereotype

D Pilgrim – 2002 – Jim Crow Museum Website

[CITATION] Chicanos and film: Representation and resistance

CA Noriega – 1992 – University of Minnesota Press

Librarians and party girls: cultural studies and the meaning of the librarian

ML Radford, GP Radford – The Library Quarterly, 2003 – journals.uchicago.edu
 to be seen if these images will succeed in their chal- lenge to the stereotypes, for in a  a Web site
Renegade Librarian, or Leather Librarian, the creators seek to invoke the stereotype first to  Hall
does hold out some hope for reversing stereotyping images in the media, but he also 

[BOOK] America on film: Representing race, class, gender, and sexuality at the movies

HM Benshoff, S Griffin – 2011 – books.google.com
 and American Film The Greaser and the Latin Lover: Alternating Stereotypes World War II 
Responds to New Queer Cinema (HeteroiSexuaIities in Contemporary American Cinema
Questions for  Disability in Classical Hollywood Melodramas Disability in War Movies and Social 

Stereotypes of autism

D Draaisma – … Transactions of the Royal Society of …, 2009 – rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org

[CITATION] Images of Provence: Ethnotypes and Stereotypes of the South

in French Cinema

F De la Bretèque – Popular European Cinema, 1992

The cakewalk: A study in stereotype and reality

B Baldwin – Journal of Social History, 1981 – JSTOR
 product, which is exactly why whites, from the beginning, attempted to coopt and stereotype it. 
the project was a lowpoint in a career already plagued by demands to conform to stereotypes
Despairing at the contribution he’d made to the stereotyping of his own race, he vowed 

Black American cinema: The new realism

M Diawara – Black American Cinema, 1993 – books.google.com
 people are neither marginalized as a problem, nor singled out as villainous stereotypes such
as  and subjectivity through his uncovering of new spaces at the threshold of dominant cinema
man in Invisible Man, which is collapsed into a transformed Hollywood stereotype of the 

The portrayal of older characters in Disney animated films

T Robinson, M Callister, D Magoffin, J Moore – Journal of aging studies, 2007 – Elsevier
 Because negative representations and stereotypes in media productions targeting young children
can influence  are the primary roles of older characters in Disney animated movies, and what  were
repeated (The Rescuers Down Under, Bambi II, The Tigger Movie) were also 

[CITATION] Director Spike Lee Slams ‘Same Old’Black Stereotypes in Today’s Films

S Gonzalez – Yale Bulletin & Calendar, 2001

[BOOK] Lies, damned lies and stereotypes: pragmatic approximations of users

J Kay – 1994 – researchgate.net
 the effects of stereotypic reasoning by people, includ- ing, for example, negative stereotyping
based on  shortcut in building their user model: users can simply choose the stereotype trigger
sets  The other current users and students of stereotypes provide a wealth of methods and 

Are the beautiful good in Hollywood? 

An investigation of the beauty-and-goodness stereotype on film

SM Smith, WD McIntosh, DG Bazzini – Basic and applied social …, 1999 – Taylor & Francis
 Do the mass media encourage or reinforce the perva- sive stereotypes that link beauty and positive 
at all, they appear to be biased against the beauty-and-goodness stereotype, t(38  As noted earlier,
several raters expected to find reduced stereotyping in recent films relative 

[CITATION] The drunken journalist: the biography of a film stereotype

H Good – 2000 – Scarecrow Press

Bruce Lee vs. Fu Manchu: Kung Fu Films and Asian American Stereotypes in America.

J Farquhar, ML Doi – Bridge, An Asian American Perspective, 1978 – ERIC
 vs. Fu Manchu: Kung Fu Films and Asian American Stereotypes in America. Farquhar, Judith;
Doi, Mary L. Bridge, An Asian American Perspective , v6 n3 p13-50 Fall 1978. Discussed in this
article are numerous films which feature Asian characters and the influence these films have

[CITATION] Toms, coons, mulattoes, mammies, and bucks: An interpretive history of Blacks in American films

D Bogle – 2001 – Bloomsbury Publishing
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Mexican-Americans Have Always Battled Movie Stereotypes | JSTOR …

May 8, 2017 – Stereotyping and discrimination in Hollywood has elicited different responses from Mexican-Americans and Mexicans in Mexico. … Mexican-Americans Have Always Battled Movie Stereotypes … Website · Facebook · Previous …


Type and Stereotype: Chicano Images in Film – jstor

by L Williams – ‎1980 – ‎Cited by 7 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … understanding of the general problem of stereotypes in … Both of these films were produced … In both films the stereotype of the Mexican villain.


Film and Stereotype: A Challenge for Cinema and Theory on JSTOR

Since the early days of film, critics and theorists havecontested the value of formula, cliché, conventional imagery, andrecurring narrative patterns of reduced…


type and stereotype: chicano images in film – jstor

by L Williams – ‎1983 – ‎Cited by 15 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … tion of women in film and the other arts operates to flatten out, stereotype, … In both films thestereotype of the Mexican villain operates to justify what …


Types, Stereotypes, and Acting in Films – JStor

by A Knight – ‎1953 – ‎Cited by 2 – ‎Related articles

Types, Stereotypes, and Acting in Films. ARTHUR KNIGHT1 … For more than a decade after films …motion-picture appearance was consid- …. Page 3 …


stereotypes of negroes in film – jstor

by R Williams – ‎1962 – ‎Cited by 1 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … Negro in Films,” by Peter Noble« I recommend Noble’s book with some reserve … Maria” films, comic shorts, and documentaries* The stereotype.


Stereotypical Strategies: Black Film Aesthetics, Spectator … – jstor

by H Margolis – ‎1999 – ‎Cited by 18 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … of self-directed stereotypes in Hollywood Shuffle and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, their initial contributions to the surge of African … Black experience as those represented in films made by whites (though they may be executed with a …


Cinethetic Racism: White Redemption and Black Stereotypes in … – jstor

by MW Hughey – ‎2009 – ‎Cited by 83 – ‎Related articles

through the University of California Press’s Rights and Permissions website at … Black Stereotypes in “Magical Negro” Films. Matthew W. Hughey, Mississippi …


Stereotype or Transgression? Rosie Perez in Hollywood Film – jstor

by AN Valdivia – ‎1998 – ‎Cited by 23 – ‎Related articles

tions to Rosie Perez films, the author examines the construction of Latinas in Holly- …. Latinas are encoded at the site of production with preferred mean.


Feminism and Ideology: The “Terms” of Women’s Stereotypes – jstor

by E Seiter – ‎1986 – ‎Cited by 15 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … Like these films, Terms of Endearment (1983) portrays a white, upper-middle … Stereotypesare one area in which theories about ideology and cultural.


the african american image in american cinema – jstor

Interpretive History of Blacks in American Cinema. … social stereotypes of the day, the black actors …PAGE 12 THE BLACK SCHOLAR VOLUME 21, NO. 2.


Unmelting Images: Film, Television, and Ethnic Stereotyping – JStor

by JC Holte – ‎1984 – ‎Cited by 11 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … American films and television programs provide us with comfortable fictions. … easystereotypes, and while this is true for most programming, it is.


Negative Image Black Actors and American Film – jstor

Page 1 … Edward Mapp, Blacks in American Films : Today and Yesterday. … Although Noble recounts quite accurately and exhaustively the stereotyping.


Exploring Ageist Stereotypes through Commercial Motion Pictures – jstor

by BJ Fisher – ‎1992 – ‎Cited by 24 – ‎Related articles

variety of negative stereotypes which are often reinforced but … viewing a commercial motion picture, writing … two-page reaction essay to the film, describing.


black women in films – jstor

by E MAPP – ‎1973 – ‎Cited by 15 – ‎Related articles

result is a tragic history of stereotyping and a … PAGE 42 THE BLACK SCHOLAR MARCH-APRIL, 1973 … of the book, Blacks in American Films (Scarecrow.


The Scalding Pot: Stereotyping of Italian-American Males in … – JStor

by KA SZCZEPANSKI – ‎1979 – ‎Cited by 3 – ‎Related articles

Page 1 … of changes in the screen’s stereotypes of Italian-American men. To facilitate analysis, I … Gangster movies helped solidify the criminal stereotype of.


Italian-Americans in Cinema and Media – Cinema and Media Studies …

Jun 28, 2016 – Throughout the last few decades, Italian-American representations have continued to become more diverse even as old stereotypes have been …


Gender Stereotypes – Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Page 1 … trayals of females and males in movie and television entertainment aimed at children. No one …. We also wanted to see if other stereotypes dominate motion picture content. ….. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 23(4), 355-373. 2.


Aims and goals of the MILK MEN documentary project

Two stereotypes predominate, and both are gross distortions of the reality. One image—enlisted routinely in … Women involved in farming also are either stereotyped or invisible in mainstream films. …Films, LLC . Site by Snaptortoise Studios.

Stereotypes in Television Cable and Videos
(television OR “tv” OR broadcast OR broadcasts OR broadcasting OR cable OR videos OR youtube)  AND  (stereotype OR stereotypes OR stereotyping)
Google Scholar
Content Sample

Television use, stereotypes of African Americans and opinions 

on affirmative action: An affective model of policy reasoning

A Tan, Y Fujioka, G Tan – Communications Monographs, 2000 – Taylor & Francis
This paper proposes and tests an affective model of policy reasoning with television use as
a first stage variable in a heuristic causal chain. We predict that TV use leads to affect which
then leads to opinions on related issues. We test the power of the model to explain how

Designing TV viewer stereotypes for an electronic program guide

C Gena – International Conference on User Modeling, 2001 – Springer
Abstract This paper describes how a user modeling knowledge base for personalized TV 
servers can be generated starting from an analysis of lifestyles surveys. The aim of the
research is the construction of well-designed stereotypes for generating adaptive electronic

[PDF] On the construction of TV viewer stereotypes 

starting from lifestyles surveys

C GenaL Ardissono – Workshop on Personalization in Future TV, 2001 – pgp.di.unito.it
Abstract. This paper describes how a user modeling knowledge base for personalized TV 
servers can be generated starting from an analysis of lifestyles surveys. The aim of this
research is the construction of well-designed stereotypes for generating adaptive electronic

Television portrayals and African-American stereotypes

Examination of television effects when direct contact is lacking

Y Fujioka – Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 1999 – jmq.sagepub.com
Abstract A self-administered survey questionnaire distributed to Japanese international (n=
83) and White (n= 166) students measured stereotypes of African Americans and vicarious
contact (television) variables. Results supported process-oriented learning models of

Consuming images: How television commercials that elicit 

stereotype threat can restrain women academically and professionally

PG DaviesSJ SpencerDM Quinn… – Personality and …, 2002 – journals.sagepub.com
Women in quantitative fields risk being personally reduced to negative stereotypes that
allege a sex-based math inability. This situational predicament, termed stereotype threat,
can undermine women’s performance and aspirations in all quantitative domains. Gender-

The Elderly’s perception of TV ageist stereotypingTV or contextual aging?

CR Hofstetter, WA Schultze, SM Mahoney… – Communication …, 1993 – Taylor & Francis
Using a stratified probability sample of 593 senior citizens residing in the Youngstown, Ohio,
this study investigated the correlates of perceptions of favorable and negative general
stereotypes in television content. Large percentages of the elderly perceived that they were

Sex role stereotyping in children’s television programs.

SH Sternglanz, LA Serbin – Developmental Psychology, 1974 – psycnet.apa.org
Abstract 1. Conducted an observational analysis of the male and female role models
presented on 10 popular commercially produced children’s TV programs. Striking sex
differences (p<. 001) were found both in the number of male and female roles portrayed

Television and adolescents’ sex role stereotypes: A longitudinal study.

M Morgan – Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1982 – psycnet.apa.org
Abstract 1. A 2-yr study examined the relationship between the TV viewing and sex-role
stereotypes of 349 6th–9th graders. Among females, the amount of TV viewing was
significantly associated with sexism scores 1 yr later, over and above the effects of

Gender stereotypes in advertising on children’s television in the 1990s: 

A cross-national analysis

BA Browne – Journal of advertising, 1998 – Taylor & Francis
Abstract Using content analysis, the author examined sex role stereotyping in television 
commercials aimed at children in the United States and Australia. The goals of the study
were to:(1) provide current data on level and content of gender stereotyping,(2) compare

The Relationship between Children’s Use of Television
and Stereotypes about Occupations and Personality Attributes.

J Caplan – 1981 – ERIC
A questionnaire was administered to 94 fifth grade students to measure their use of
television and the relationship of this use to their development and maintenance of
stereotypes about occupations and personality attributes. It was hypothesized that the more

Television viewing, fat stereotyping, body shape standards, 

and eating disorder symptomatology in grade school children

K Harrison – Communication Research, 2000 – crx.sagepub.com
Abstract A survey of 303 first-to third-grade children measured relationships between (a)
television viewing and interpersonal attraction (IA) to television characters and (b) fat
stereotyping, body shape standards, and eating disorder symptomatology. Television 

Sex-role stereotyping in television commercials: 

A review and comparison of fourteen studies done 

on five continents over 25 years

A Furnham, T Mak – Sex roles, 1999 – Springer
Since the pioneering content-analytic study byMcArthur and Resko (1975) on sex-role
stereotyping oftelevision advertisements in America, many others haveused a similar
methodology and coding scheme to examine similar stereotypes in their owncountries. This

Embarrassing age spots or just plain ugly? Physical attractiveness stereotyping 

as an instrument of sexism on American television commercials

AC Downs, SK Harrison – Sex roles, 1985 – Springer
Abstract Frequencies of attractiveness-based messages were examined on 4,294 network
television commercials. As expected, attractiveness statements appeared to be associated
more with food and drink and personal care ads, and with female performers and with male

Asian-Americans: Television advertising and the “model minority” stereotype

CR Taylor, BB Stern – Journal of advertising, 1997 – Taylor & Francis
Abstract Asian-Americans are a growth market. Their affluence, high education, and work
ethic position them as a “model minority.” However complimentary that term may seem, it
nonetheless represents a stereotype whose prevalence must be documented to examine

Television viewing and the learning of sex-role stereotypes

PE McGhee, T Frueh – Sex roles, 1980 – Springer
This study was designed to determine the relationship between the amount of time children
spend watching television and their knowledge of adult sex-role stereotypes. Males and
females in grades 1, 3, 5, and 7 who were classified as heavy television viewers (25 or more

[CITATION] Screening stereotypes: Images of disabled people

in television and motion pictures

PK Longmore – Images of the disabled, disabling images, 1987 – Praeger New York

Native American stereotypesTV portrayals, and personal contact

A Tan, Y Fujioka, N Lucht – Journalism & Mass …, 1997 – journals.sagepub.com
This study tests hypotheses derived from extremity-complexity and stage theories of
stereotyping which predict that frequency of contact with a minority group leads to
knowledge which then leads to positive group evaluations. We also test hypotheses from

American TV and social stereotypes of Americans in Thailand

AS Tan, K Suarchavarat – Journalism Quarterly, 1988 – journals.sagepub.com
, The development of social stereotypes has intrigued social scientists for years.
Conceptually, social stereotypes are generalized impressions of groups. Operation-ally, a
social stereotype is the collection of traits assigned to the members of a category. When

Profile: An investigation of sex‐role stereotyping in music videos

SA Seidman – Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 1992 – Taylor & Francis
This study investigated sex‐role stereotyping of occupational roles and the behaviors of
music‐video characters in a random sample of 182 MTV music videos. It was found that both
male and female characters were shown in sex‐typed occupations. Male characters were

Work–family imagery and gender stereotypesTelevision and the reproduction of difference

S Coltrane, M Adams – Journal of vocational behavior, 1997 – Elsevier
This article explores how popular cultural imagery reflects and reproduces work–family
segregation and gender inequality. Social constructionist research on television, advertising,
and gender is reviewed, and theories explaining gender inequality in the workplace and the

[BOOK] Television and sex role stereotyping.

B Gunter – 1986 – psycnet.apa.org
Abstract 1. Several studies have indicated that a heavy diet of television viewing at an early
age is associated with exaggerated stereotyping of sex role beliefs among boys and girls….
This and other research is examined in this monograph to see what evidence there is for an

Sex‐role stereotyping in British television advertisements

ASR Manstead, C McCulloch – British Journal of Social …, 1981 – Wiley Online Library
The present study examined the portrayal of men and women in a sample of British
television advertisements, with a view to establishing whether men and women were
depicted differently, and if so in what respects. One hundred and seventy advertisements

The portrayal of racial minorities on prime time television

DE Mastro, BS Greenberg – … of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 2000 – Taylor & Francis
 Indeed, two relatively new broadcast networks not included in this study (UPN and WB) market
and  In part then, there may be few Latinos on prime time TV because the demand is  however,
is the steady growth and expanding popularity of Spanish language television in the US 

Dramatic TV content and children’s sex‐role stereotypes

MM Miller, B Reeves – Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 1976 – Taylor & Francis
Miller is a doctoral student in the communication department at Michigan State University,
and holds the MA in Communication from Kentucky. Dr. Reeves, having earned his
doctorate at Michigan State, is now a member of the journalism faculty at the University of

Gender stereotypes in Italian television advertisements

A Furnham, V Voli – Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 1989 – Taylor & Francis
The present study attempted to replicate and extend American, Canadian and British studies
on the portrayal of men and women in television commercials using advertisements
broadcast in Italy, Three hundred and thirty‐three daytime and evening commercials were

Constructing gender stereotypes through social roles in prime-time television

MM Lauzen, DM Dozier, N Horan – Journal of Broadcasting & …, 2008 – Taylor & Francis
Using a sample of 124 prime-time television programs airing on the 6 broadcast networks
during the 2005–06 season, this study examined the social roles enacted by female and
male characters. The findings confirm that female characters continue to inhabit

Sex role stereotyping in Australian television advertisements

C Mazzella, K Durkin, E Cerini, P Buralli – Sex roles, 1992 – Springer
Television has attracted considerable attention in recent years because of alleged bias in its
sex-role content. Studies of television in Great Britain and the United States have generally
fuelled concerns that the medium presents male and female characters in traditionally

[CITATION] Children, television, and sex-role stereotyping

F Williams, R La Rose, F Frost – 1981 – Praeger Publishers

The effects of television cartoons on sex-role stereotyping in young girls

ES Davidson, A Yasuna, A Tower – Child Development, 1979 – JSTOR
36 5-6-year-old girls viewed one of 3 television network cartoons, either high or low
stereotyped or neutral. They were then tested for sex-role stereotyping on a 24-item
measure, each item showing a male and a female and asking a question about them.

The effects of television on children’s stereotyping of women’s work roles

SL O’Bryant, CR Corder-Bolz – Journal of Vocational Behavior, 1978 – Elsevier
Abstract Sixty-seven elementary school students, ages 5 through 10 years, from three ethnic
groups were systematically exposed, over a 1-month period, to specially produced television 
commercials. One treatment group viewed prevideotaped cartoons interspersed with

Television programming and sex stereotyping: A meta-analysis

J Herrett-Skjellum, M Allen – Annals of the International …, 1996 – Taylor & Francis
This chapter reports the results of three meta-analyses of studies considering the
relationship between television programming and sexual stereotypes. The first statistical
summary indicates that television content contains numerous sexual stereotypes. The

Counteracting the effects of female stereotypes on television via active mediation

AI Nathanson, BJ Wilson, J McGee… – Journal of …, 2002 – Wiley Online Library
Abstract This article reports results of an experiment with 83 kindergarten through 6th-grade
children conducted to determine the effectiveness of a theoretically based active mediation
strategy for reducing the harmful effects of gender-stereotyped television. The researchers

Gender stereotypes in Portuguese television advertisements

F Neto, I Pinto – Sex Roles, 1998 – Springer
This study examined the portrayal of men andwomen in a sample of Portuguese television 
commercials, attempting to replicate and extend past investigationsdone in America,
Australia, Britain, and Italy. The aim was to update Portuguese research andto compare

[CITATION] Positive images: Breaking stereotypes with children’s television

J Johnston, JS Ettema – 1982 – deepblue.lib.umich.edu
 is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Positive images:
Breaking stereotypes with children’s television. Johnston, Jerome; Ettema, James S. Johnston,
Jerome; Ettema, James S. 1982. Other Identifiers: ISR 4600. URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/mdp.

The Elderly on Television: Changing Stereotypes.

J Bell – 1991 – ERIC
A study examined the visual presentation of characters on five prime time network dramas,
popular with the elderly, which star elderly actors. The title sequences of each show (”
Murder, She Wrote,”” The Golden Girls,”” Matlock,”” Jake and the Fatman,” and” In the Heat

Re‐vision of older television characters: A stereotype‐awareness intervention

MM Donlon, O Ashman, BR Levy – Journal of Social Issues, 2005 – Wiley Online Library
5. Discussion This study examines whether greater television exposure predicts older
individuals’ more negative images of aging, and whether an intervention based on
maintaining a television diary of viewing impressions will increase their awareness of the

[CITATION] Exploring the reel image of nursing: 

how movies, television and stereotypes portray the nursing profession

M Hereford – University of Idaho, PhD, 2005 – elibrary.ru
The fictional images of nursing in television and the movies have been attributed in part to
the stereotypical attitudes assigned to the professional nurse. The purpose of this study was
to explore the meanings associated with fictional images of nursing portrayed in television 

Television commercials as a lagging social indicator: 

Gender role stereotypes in Korean television advertising

K Kim, DT Lowry – Sex roles, 2005 – Springer
Abstract Previous studies of mass media in many countries have confirmed that images of
women are stereotypical and unrealistic, particularly in television advertising. This study was
designed to analyze the representation of gender roles in Korean television advertising and

Third-person perception and television violence: 

The role of out-group stereotyping in perceptions of susceptibility to effects

E Scharrer – Communication Research, 2002 – journals.sagepub.com
The third-person perception as it relates to the issue of television violence is examined here
via survey responses of 624 adults from three regions in the United States. Rather than
being asked about generally defined groups of “others,” respondents were instructed to

Images of sexual stereotypes in rap videos and the health of African American female adolescents

SH Peterson, GM Wingood… – Journal of Women’s …, 2007 – online.liebertpub.com
Objective: This study sought to determine whether perceiving portrayals of sexual
stereotypes in rap music videos was associated with adverse health outcomes among
African American adolescent females. Methods: African American female adolescents (n=

Sex‐role stereotyping in FCC‐mandated children’s educational television

MR Barner – Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 1999 – Taylor & Francis
This study examined sex‐role stereotyping within FCC‐mandated children’s educational
programming. A content analysis revealed that males had a greater representation than
females and both male and female characters exhibited significantly more sex‐role

Sex-role stereotyping in television commercials: 

A review and comparison of fourteen studies done 

on five continents over 25 years

A Furnham, T Mak – Sex roles, 1999 – Springer
Since the pioneering content-analytic study byMcArthur and Resko (1975) on sex-role
stereotyping oftelevision advertisements in America, many others haveused a similar
methodology and coding scheme to examine similar stereotypes in their owncountries. This

Gender stereotypes in Japanese television advertisements

AN Arima – Sex Roles, 2003 – Springer
The aim of this study was to reveal gender portrayal types in Japanese television 
advertisements through content analysis. Five hundred and thirty-one adult main characters
were coded for sex, age, ethnic background, credibility, role, place, dress, background,

A cross-cultural content analysis of sex-role stereotyping 

in television advertisements: 

A comparison between Great Britain and New Zealand

A Furnham, E Farragher – … of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 2000 – Taylor & Francis
The present study compared sex-role stereotyping in British (N= 205) and New Zealand (N=
146) television advertisements. Following Harris and Stobart (1986), visually presented
central figures were coded and analyzed independently of voice-over central figures. The

Gender stereotypes in Spanish television commercials

F Valls-Fernández, JM Martínez-Vicente – Sex roles, 2007 – Springer
Abstract The objective of the present study was an analysis of gender stereotypes in
television advertisements in Spain. For this purpose the content analysis method was used
to analyze 400 advertisements broadcast during prime time over the three national

Assimilation and contrast effects in the priming of Asian American 

and African American stereotypes through TV exposure

F Dalisay, A Tan – Journalism & Mass Communication …, 2009 – journals.sagepub.com
This study applied theoretical propositions of the assimilation and contrast perspectives of
social psychology to investigate the effects of exposure to TV portrayals of Asian Americans
on judgments regarding Asian and African Americans. Experimental participants exposed to

White out: The absence and stereotyping of people of color 

by the broadcast networks in prime time entertainment programming

LM Baynes – Ariz. L. Rev., 2003 – HeinOnline
In the fall of 1999, the then-new television schedule was announced and” none of the twenty-
six new fall programs starred an African American in a leading role, and few featured
minorities in secondary roles.” 2 This absence caused the National Council of La Raza to

Stereotypes of the elderly in US television commercials 

from the 1950s to the 1990s

DW Miller, TS Leyell, J Mazachek – The International Journal of …, 2004 – ahd.sagepub.com
Abstract Critics have charged that American advertisers have often portrayed the elderly with
negative stereotypes. These negative portrayals, they suggest, not only offend elderly
consumers but also contribute to ageism. This study examined whether American

Stereotypes of age differences in personality traits: Universal and accurate?

…, L Alcalay, F Simonetti, TV Avdeyeva… – Journal of personality …, 2012 – psycnet.apa.org
Abstract 1. Age trajectories for personality traits are known to be similar across cultures. To
address whether stereotypes of age groups reflect these age-related changes in personality,
we asked participants in 26 countries (N= 3,323) to rate typical adolescents, adults, and old

The influence of television on stereotype threat among adolescents 

of Mexican descent.

Stereotype threat, the risk of confirming a negative stereotype about one’s group, has been
found to be a strong influence on the academic performance of stigmatized groups such as
Latinos. The mass media may be an important educator in the learning of stereotypes.

American TV and social stereotypes of Americans in Taiwan and Mexico

AS Tan, S Li, C Simpson – Journalism Quarterly, 1986 – journals.sagepub.com
* The United States continues to be the major exporter of television programs to the rest of
the world. In 1983, imported programs constituted about one-third of total programming in
more than 70 countries. The United States was the source of about three-quarters of

Asian-Americans: Television advertising and the “model minority” stereotype

CR Taylor, BB Stern – Journal of advertising, 1997 – Taylor & Francis
Abstract Asian-Americans are a growth market. Their affluence, high education, and work
ethic position them as a “model minority.” However complimentary that term may seem, it
nonetheless represents a stereotype whose prevalence must be documented to examine

Racial stereotyping on television

A comparison of the behavior of both Black and White television characters.

PT Reid – Journal of Applied Psychology, 1979 – psycnet.apa.org
Abstract 1. Investigated the behavior of Black and White characters on comedy programs to
determine whether there were differences in their portrayal. It was hypothesized that Black
characters would differ from White ones along several dimensions (eg, activity level and

Media stereotyping

A comparison of the way elderly women and men are portrayed 

on prime-time television

JEA Vernon, JA Williams Jr, T Phillips… – Journal of Women & …, 1991 – Taylor & Francis
This content analysis of 139 programs and 2,211 characters updates and extends previous
research on the way elderly people, and especially elderly women, are presented on prime-
time television. Findings indicate that females and the elderly continue to be significantly

[BOOK] Television, globalization and cultural identities

C Barker – 1999 – socresonline.org.uk
 Television programs broadcast across geographical boundaries and greatly contribute to the
making of rich and complex hybrid and diaspora identities.  First, television is not only a site of
framing various stereotypes through stabilizing dominant ideology, but a competing 

Changes in the stereotypical portrayal of men and women 

in British television advertisements

A Furnham, E Skae – European Psychologist, 1997 – econtent.hogrefe.com
 27 hours (Gunter & Svennig, 1987), and between 10% and 28% of broadcasting time is  first content
analyses of the portrayal of men and women in American TV commercials was  This study compares
gender stereotyping in British television advertisements in 1995 with those of 

Does stereotype threat affect test performance of minorities and women? 

A meta-analysis of experimental evidence.

HHD Nguyen, AM Ryan – 2008 – psycnet.apa.org
 Cohen, GL, & Garcia, J. (2005). “I Am Us”: Negative Stereotypes as Collective
Threats.  Consuming images: How television commercials that elicit stereotype
threat can restrain women academically and professionally. 

[CITATION] Role portrayal and stereotyping on television:

An annotated bibliography of studies relating to women,

minorities, aging, sexual behavior, health, and …

N Signorielli, E Milke, C Katzman – 1985 – Greenwood Pub Group

Growing up with television: Cultivation processes

G Gerbner, L GrossM Morgan… – … effects: Advances in …, 2002 – books.google.com
 Shrum’s basic idea is that, because TV images are “heuristically” avail- able to heavy viewers,
they tend to use  was developed when “television” in the United States was synonymous with three
national broadcast networks, plus  3. GROWING UP WITH TELEVISION 61 after night 

Television use and social stereotypes

AS Tan – 1982 – journals.sagepub.com
As early as 192 I, Walter Lippmann suggested that the “pictures in our heads” are mainly
constructed from the pictures that we get from the mass media. 1 More recently, researchers
have refined Lippmann’s notion, investigating how specific media contents can lead to the

Gender and racial counter-stereotypes in science education television

A content analysis

M Long, G Boiarsky, G Thayer – Public Understanding of Science, 2001 – pus.sagepub.com
Abstract This study analyzes characters in four children’s science education television 
programs. Results indicated that these programs presented some counter-stereotypical
images of scientists and people interested in science. Males and females were equally likely
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